Chrome in a nut shell

I've always been fascinated by Google's approach to invade "The Internet" (i got a gut feeling that this invasion is going to bring good.).Well it all started when Google released their browser Chrome. I will be sharing tiny bits of tip on chrome browser Chrome started in sep 2008 and am stuck with it ever since, the simple idea of creating a process for individual tabs and sandboxing it was the core what pulled me in.Understanding chrome was like reading a comic (literally). Chrome at a very high level Chrome has 4 release channels, Stable : Targets layman or people who want rock solid completely tested browser.Its more of fully polished product. Beta : This channel is the last filter the build goes through before going stable. Dev : This channel features the latest version of chrome build and prone to crashes.People who like to preview a lot of features (like me ;) ) and help google's open source project in a least possible way should be opting fo

Mail This!!!

I am sure many of you might have come across situations where you want to send mail from your application. I will be sharing a bit of code that will help you in this. For sending a mail all we need is a SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Server which we will be getting it for free from GMAIL.( Now to use this server we need credentials to this server. There is no big deal in getting these credentials you only need to have a gmail account.(Which also is free :)) OK now we got all the essential ingredients, lets start coding.... Sending mail is in C# .NET is straight forward.Its all there in System.Net.Mail and System.Net namespaces.Now to connect to a server we need a client object which is instantiated from the  System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient class . To setup the properties of a SMTP client you might want to refer this . SmtpClient  emailClient =  new   SmtpClient ( "" ); The argument passed to the constructor is the SMTP server host

Developing SMS Services in C#

            This following project has been sticking my back since my engineering from past 4 years.Ever since then the same cookie was served in different plates. i meant to say one functionality was implemented for different applications. In this post i will be implementing the project for a college domain.Say there is a database that stores the student details like attendance,marks,profile,etc,.Our application will receive a message sent from cell phone and query the database to retrieve the result and send it back to the respective user. Now to receive & send a message we will be using a GSM modem(something similar to a cell phone) now the modem looks something like this the black slot on the PCB(printed circuit board) is to insert a sim card. "A picture is worth thousand words " so trying to put the whole process in nut shell..... I know this is not worth thousand words, forgive me will try to picturize better next time. Lets start CODING!! To c

Datalist Image

Was once wondering how to get images from the database and display it in a datalist control or a datagrid control in ASP.NET, and came across the following probable solution (alternate ideas on this would be appreciated ). Steps: 1.Get the image from the database and store it temporarily on the server side. 2.Set the ImageUrl property of the Image control to the temporary path. Coding goes something like this, aspx Page: Datalist control included a image control and a label control to hold description. <asp:DataList ID="DataList1" runat="server" >         <ItemTemplate>             <asp:Image ID="Image1" runat="server" Width="50" Height="50"/>             <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" ></asp:Label>         </ItemTemplate> </asp:DataList> now when binding the grid to the database, it would have been straightforward if at all path of the

Body Browser - Google Labs

Body Browser - Google Labs WebGL technology

Quick Tour - Google TV

Quick Tour - Google TV

Html5 Check this out!!!