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Developing SMS Services in C#

            This following project has been sticking my back since my engineering from past 4 years.Ever since then the same cookie was served in different plates. i meant to say one functionality was implemented for different applications. In this post i will be implementing the project for a college domain.Say there is a database that stores the student details like attendance,marks,profile,etc,.Our application will receive a message sent from cell phone and query the database to retrieve the result and send it back to the respective user. Now to receive & send a message we will be using a GSM modem(something similar to a cell phone) now the modem looks something like this the black slot on the PCB(printed circuit board) is to insert a sim card. "A picture is worth thousand words " so trying to put the whole process in nut shell..... I know this is not worth thousand words, forgive me will try to picturize better next time. Lets start CODING!! To c