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Chat application using SignalR

I know what is magic about now, its just that it somehow works and we don't know how.
So was this chat app a magic for me, until yesterday when i got to know how it works.

In this post we will try to create a chat application that works with approximately 10-12 lines of real code. ( i am sure we can write that in one line too ;) )

The chat recipe goes like this

SingnalR is solution for ASP.NET which lets communicate with client and the server-side with JS and ASP.NET.


Create an empty MVC application ( Which is not really empty)Create a HomeController by right clicking on the controller folderInstall latest Jquery and SignalR using NugetNow create a model Communicator which inherits the Hub from SignalR just like this

on the html side do this

There's your tasty treat :) 
Server-side: uses the dynamic object to call the function defined on the client side.
Client-side: client creates an object of the communicator object and call the function on server-sid…