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Simply Notes #1: Setting up Source control with BitBucket using Git

Bitbucket lets you create free unlimited private repositories. Here are the simple steps to setup a project and push it to Cloud. Get this awesome native app for Git from here  Now create a Repository on Bitbucket Open up Git Shell and enter these simple commands >  cd /working project folder >  git init >  git remote add origin Note:   If that above command says remote origin already exists try this below command >  git remote set-url origin >  git add . >  git commit -m "first commit" >  git push -u origin --all DONE!!! your code on cloud. For reference on what each command does this is the place to go. 


Everyone is hanging out lately, so thought sharing some views of mine on the same. I might be biased on thoughts for Google's culture and intentions (don't be evil) seems to be on the same frequency as mine on that aspects. Hope Hangout does not end up with the same fate as of Google Wave . I know it was not a failure and most off its interesting features been ported to Google Drive or GMail in some or the other way. The best thing about this app is the seamless integration with multiple devices.( Yes Multiple devices! if you did not know) Here are some tips on getting it in multiple devices. On Android devices you can get it from Google Play . On Desktop try this extension for chrome. On Gmail try clicking on the profile pic on top of the chat window and then "Try the new Hangouts". You seem to be hanging from every where now. Happy Hangouts ;-)