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Chrome in a nut shell

I've always been fascinated by Google's approach to invade "The Internet" (i got a gut feeling that this invasion is going to bring good.).Well it all started when Google released their browser Chrome. I will be sharing tiny bits of tip on chrome browser Chrome started in sep 2008 and am stuck with it ever since, the simple idea of creating a process for individual tabs and sandboxing it was the core what pulled me in.Understanding chrome was like reading a comic (literally). Chrome at a very high level Chrome has 4 release channels, Stable : Targets layman or people who want rock solid completely tested browser.Its more of fully polished product. Beta : This channel is the last filter the build goes through before going stable. Dev : This channel features the latest version of chrome build and prone to crashes.People who like to preview a lot of features (like me ;) ) and help google's open source project in a least possible way should be opting fo