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How to Run two .net core apps with debugging On using Visual Studio Code ?

When developing a web application we separate our application with *.web being initial server-side application and  *.api application which will help us fetch/update data for client-side operations and avoid page reloads.

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Here is .NET Core application I was working on which had a similar kind of ask, and I wanted to use VSCode to debug my application.

This is how we do it, first, we need to create a solution so that we keep both the API and Web project in one place

dotnet new sln -n appname
dotnet sln add src/appname/appname.web.csproj
dotnet sln add src/appname/apname.api.csproj

Open "launch.json" and Click on add configuration and add then select

.NET Core Launch (web) 

No go ahead and rename to web or web-api, also add a development URL with a different than web configs the "env" property

"env": {
"ASPNETCORE_URLS": "https://localhost:5001"…