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Facebook App & Google Drive forms

In this post i will just walk through on creating a Google Form on Facebook app platform.

"Nothing is discovered until you explore"

The above stated might not hold good for all but most of the time it is so true.

Recently one of the developer wanted to know how much of a work is involved to create a simple form as a facebook app, then i wondered why haven't i still not explored! this yet ? May be i was too busy (or acting busy) with some other techinical explorations.

Logically thinking, assumed there would be simple WYSIWYG where i can drag and drop a controls, as in Google Drive forms. Turns out that there is nothing like that but in a developer perspective far better. There was just a canvas in which the developer was allowed to play his own games.

PART-1 (Creating the Facebook app) :

Just had to login into Facebook as DeveloperGoto appsClick on create new app
Enter the captcha (this part always makes me feel not so human, its so hard to read)Select the dev language you want…