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Facebook App & Google Drive forms

In this post i will just walk through on creating a Google Form on Facebook app platform. " Nothing is discovered until you explore " The above stated might not hold good for all but most of the time it is so true. Recently one of the developer wanted to know how much of a work is involved to create a simple form as a facebook app, then i wondered why haven't i still not explored! this yet ? May be i was too busy (or acting busy) with some other techinical explorations. Logically thinking, assumed there would be simple WYSIWYG  where i can drag and drop a controls, as in Google Drive forms. Turns out that there is nothing like that but in a developer perspective far better. There was just a canvas in which the developer was allowed to play his own games. PART-1 (Creating the Facebook app) : Just had to login into Facebook as Developer Goto apps Click on create new app Enter the captcha (this part always makes me feel not so human, its so h