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WCF web service & Jquery

Here is a new item we can try out, seems to be very light. In this post i will walk through a simple credential validation. Create a simple ASP.NET project Add a the following mark-up in your Login.aspx page     < div>         < input  type= "text"  id= "username"  />         < input  type= "password"  id= "password"  />         < input  type= "button"  id= "login"  value= "Login"  />     </ div > Add jquery library and reference     < script  src= "Scripts/jquery-1.5.1.js"  type= "text/javascript">< / script > Add WCF Service Set aspNetCompatibilityEnabled attribute to true in your web.config file     < serviceHostingEnvironment  multipleSiteBindingsEnabled= " true "  aspNetCompatibilityEnabled= " true "  /> Set Factory attribute to "System.ServiceModel.Activation.WebScriptServiceHo

Code First!!!

Code first- I just love this approach, well any developer would. MVC has been haunting since long ago. So thinking to my self better late than never gave it shot and found it to be pretty neat & interesting. And Microsoft as before with MVC, Entity framework, etc etc leaves you wondering how they did that!!! . Lets start coding (if we get a chance to ;) ), Select ASP.NET MVC3 Web Application in the next select Internet application and try razor view engine with html5 Now check your solution explorer you will see quite a lot of things that has come from thin air. Don't b shocked there is still to come Microsoft now needs a developer who knows to create a class For this sample project let me create following two classes Employee and Department and add to Models folder      public   class   Employee     {          public   int  Id {  get ;  set ; }          public   string  Name {  get ;  set ; }          public   string