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Everyone is hanging out lately, so thought sharing some views of mine on the same.

I might be biased on thoughts for Google's culture and intentions (don't be evil) seems to be on the same frequency as mine on that aspects.
Hope Hangout does not end up with the same fate as of Google Wave. I know it was not a failure and most off its interesting features been ported to Google Drive or GMail in some or the other way.
The best thing about this app is the seamless integration with multiple devices.( Yes Multiple devices! if you did not know)

Here are some tips on getting it in multiple devices.
On Android devices you can get it from Google Play.
On Desktop try this extension for chrome.
On Gmail try clicking on the profile pic on top of the chat window and then "Try the new Hangouts".
You seem to be hanging from every where now. Happy Hangouts ;-)

Google Drive

To be honest Google is good at keeping secrets even with 30,000 employees ;)    But there are nerds who dig through all the way to the bottom. Google has been lately cooking something on "Google Drive".

Google drive will be more like Dropbox or Box a place in the cloud where all different kinds of files will be stored. Well we have the same as of now on Google Docs but more presentable. May be we even will get a client app so that it will sync the local files with the cloud.

Today i stumbled upon some secret Google's been working on. Well seems like there is some trouble with this link http:\\ . this link is acting weird today may be soon we will get to see the drive, and moreover the link is alive for sure. This link shows secret is not really secret anymore ;)

You Tube new look

Google has been busy revamping their style sheets for all their products and focus'n more on revenue now

Get Youtube's new interface which turns out to be more social ;)

On chrome:

Go to + Shift + iThen click on consoleNow paste document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=ST1Ti53r4fU" on the console and hit Enter.Reload (F5)

Google Maps

Browsers are getting Stronger Sharper & Smarter ;) The day is not far away when we have nothing but a  browser installed in the desktop and things will be floating in the cloud ( provided our ISP are reliable which they are not now).
Web technology is so open that even the all time money maker Microsoft to open up. WebGL is a open source technology that helps build 3D enabled apps with its rich API within the browser.
WebGL's early application the Body Browser was just a peek to this technology. Google has integrated this tech with the google maps now and they have it pretty well.

Google Maps GL

once you click on the above link you will see a option on the left bottom something like this
then just flow through.

Now checkout the satellite view from the right top then just browse places its so smooth, no more frame by frame loading. Now that's sleek ;) even try the new view angles from the round knobs.

Well everything was not smooth as i expected, thanks to my 2 GB RAM and 5…