Unleashing Javascript

One world One language

This post is about advent of the javascript.
Have you ever imagined what would happen if we were to have only ONE language...
WOW!.. It would have been a great place without doubt every single being in this world talking, singing, thinking, etc., in one language.

In the world of development if it were one language it would sure have been Javascript, looking at the pace of development in this language seems like that day is not so far. I personally did not favour javascript only for the reason it being ugly because of Duck_typing (not only me many out there think the same even Robert Cailliau), well looking at it from the point i stood was wrong until, i found the real inner power it had hidden under its sleeves.

Javascript is the only language most of developers have got their hands on apart from their "bread earning language". 
So here is a small list of frameworks to start with that will enchant you with its magical powers.

  • Node.JS: my intuitions is that this will be a major part of the javascript revolution. This framework lets you write code on both the ends server & client. This was developed alongside the fastest javascript interpreter V8 by Google.
  • JSLintThe JavaScript Code Quality Tool, this tool will be like mom saying what's the right way and what's not. This framework in future will bundle with IDE or as an extension which is already.
  • Knockout: If you you have used sivlerlight i am sure you will love this MVVM data binding framework. This framework lets you bind data to the DOM elements with ease.
  • Modernizr: No more UA sniffing, the framework will take care of the feature detection. It will help get around browsers that do not support any of the latest Html5 or CSS3 feature.
  • This list will go on and on... to name a notable few Ember.jsBackbone.jsDojo last but not least the most used jQuery

Hoping to to see someday all like minds working in one language to make the WWW a better open place.


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